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Freycinet Challenge

Dates for 2016 amended……..

October 15-16, 2016


 LATEST NEWS – The Meehan Monster will be held on October the 9th this year and provides a great warm up for Freycinet.


Results are now available. 


Clive Roper took some amazing array of photos of the 2015  event, capturing the beauty and spirit of the race and site.

Check out his images HERE.



Alex Hunt DSC_0385




Dates for 2016 15-16 October, 2016   See you there!
Entry 2016

Entry 2016

Entries Open 1st August, 2016.  
Entry List

Entry List

See who's already entered, or make sure your buddies aren't slacking off! Either way - the up-to-...

2016 Challenge Course

Hammer Nutrition

Team Finder

Dates for 2016 15-16 October, 2016   See you there!
Need to hire a kayak/got one for rent or cases of liquid beverage? What about a spare TTbike just gathering dust? Let the greater comm...
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