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Day 1 order of legs and distances:

Briefing time: 7:45 AM
Race Start: 8.00 AM Individual Competitors, 8.05 AM Team Competitors

Stage 1: 16km Trail Run

Stage 2: 10km Kayak

Stage 3: 40km Road Bike

Stage 4: 20km MTB

Day 2 order of legs and distances

One day competitors please note –  no late entries will be accepted due to COVID restrictions. Registrations will occur Friday night also.

Briefing time: All at 7:00 AM
Race Start: 7.30 AM Individual Competitors, 7.35 AM Team Competitors

Stage 5: 10km Kayak

Stage 6: 40km Road Bike

Stage 7: 20km MTB

Stage 8: 9.5km Trail Run