Multitasking for Multisport

2016 Female Individual Winner, Sally Alps has taken time out of managing a business, being a Mum and training for multisport events to provide insight into how she became a Multisport National Champion.

How did you become involved in multisport and what lead you to tackle this event as an individual? I first was introduced to the world or multisport as an injured runner!!! I was sidelined from running for about 3 months and had to find some sort of non weight bearing exercise. I had tackled a few events as the runner for teams and always struggled with finding paddlers for our teams, so I thought I would take this time to learn how to paddle.  I started by getting some expert beginner coaching from Ben Maynard at Next Level kayaking who got me started and still continues to assist me today with the super important technique aspects of this sport. From here I discovered I had the urge to tackle these events as an individual so started riding my husbands old Mountain bike and then finally my friend Louise Padgett reluctantly got me onto a road bike. I say reluctantly as I loved mountain biking so much I really had no desire to road ride,  but many of these multisport events have an Individual time trial component so I really had to!! Over a couple of years I went from being a runner to combining all four disciplines and discovering I really enjoyed the cross training. I remember doing Freycinet Challenge for the first time in a two person team and being in awe of all the individual competitors. Never did I think I was capable of doing it myself as an individual…….. But sure enough a couple of years later Mark Padgett talked me into tackling it on my own!!! All I really needed was someone to give me enough confidence to take on the challenge. I really appreciate what Mark does for me as a coach and mentor (even though I have wanted to punch him on occasions) and cannot emphasise enough how important it is to be surrounded by the right people.

What do you like about Multisport events? The people, the atmosphere, the places and definitely the challenges. The events are full of blood, sweat and sometimes tears but at the end of the day everyone who tackles these events are in the same boat. We all understand what we have had to commit too, to just get to the start line.  I think there is a mutual respect between everyone, we are all there to be super competitive with each other but at the finish line have a good laugh together.

Why do you keep lining up for more challenges?? Well I have this personal battle with myself to see if I can do better!! I always come away from an event looking at the area’s I could have improved on and therefore I am constantly thinking I can go faster, harder and stronger. I started multisport you could say quite late in life!!! So think If I am able I may as well keep going!! Most importantly I still get a rush from training and racing, once I don’t have this anymore I will stop……… unless my body packs up before this!!!